Marquess of Rode

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Beerlegem Castle or "Ten Bieze Castle", property of the late Countess de Spangen d'Evora

Marquess of Rode is a former title of the Belgian nobility, now extinct. Rode is a former part of Schelderode in Flanders.


The dominium of Rode was the property of don Simon Rodriguez de Evora who had bought the property in 1602; he was created Baron of Rode by permission of the archdukes Albrecht and Isabella.

The title of Marquess was created in 1680 by king Charles of Spain for Lopez-Maria Rodriguez d'Evora y Vega, 1st Marquess of Rode, the oldest son of Simon Rodriguez de Evora y Vega, baron of Rode. The house of Evora y Vega was heredery Pannetier héréditaire de Flandres (pannetier van Vlaanderen).[1] His descendants continued to use the title until the last family member died in 1920.

The last marquessa, dona Maria Rodriguez de Evora y Vega resided in Beerlegem Castle. She married the Count spangen, and their descendants still reside in Beerlegem Castle. Currently this are members of the house of d' Ursel.[2] Another residence was the Goet Ter Saelen.[3]


Don Simon Rodriguez de Evora, 1st Baron of Rode.

    • Doña Gracia Rodriguez d'Evora, (+1660): Lady of Melle, ter Zale and Rode
      married to don Francisco de Vega.