Martinez Lake

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Martinez Lake
Location Yuma County, Arizona
Coordinates 32°58′59″N 114°28′34″W / 32.98306°N 114.47611°W / 32.98306; -114.47611Coordinates: 32°58′59″N 114°28′34″W / 32.98306°N 114.47611°W / 32.98306; -114.47611
Primary inflows Lower Colorado River
Primary outflows Lower Colorado River
Basin countries United States

Martinez Lake is a lake in the southwestern corner of the U.S. state of Arizona, about 60 miles north of Yuma, Arizona on the Lower Colorado River. Its area is about 300 to 500 acres (120 to 200 ha), depending upon where its boundary with the Colorado River is taken to be.[citation needed]

Fish species[edit]

A view of some gazebos and boat landing

General information[edit]

  • Average Depth: 1–10 ft
  • Elevation: 200 ft

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