Marunouchi Station (Nagoya)

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Marunouchi Station
Marunouchi Station, 4th Entrance
Location Marunouchi 2-16-1, Naka, Nagoya, Aichi
Operated by Transportation Bureau City of Nagoya
Line(s) Tsurumai Line, Sakuradōri Line
Other information
Station code T06
Opened 1981
Passengers (2000) 14,792 daily
Rail tracks map of the station
Station platform 1 and 2 of the Tsurumai Line (2010)
Station platform of the Sakura-dōri Line (2010)

Marunouchi Station (丸の内駅?, Marunouchi-eki) is an underground metro station located in Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan operated by the Nagoya Municipal Subway.[1] The station is an interchange station between the Tsurumai Line and the Sakura-dōri Line, and is located 6.3 rail kilometers from the terminus of the Tsurumai Line at Kami-Otai Station and 2.4 rail kilometers from the terminus of the Sakuradōri Line at Nakamura Kuyakusho Station.

This station provides access to Aichi Prefectural Library, the headquarters of Chunichi Shimbun, the Brazilian consulate in Nagoya, and the Nagoya branch offices of various companies.


Marunouchi Station was opened on 27 November 1981 as a station on the Tsurumai Line. The Sakura-dōri Line connected to the station on 10 September 1989.[2] Platform screen doors were installed on the Sakura-dōri Line platform on 5 March 2011.



Marunouchi Station has two underground island platforms. The Sakura-dōri Line platform, at a depth of 24 meters, is the deepest subway platform in Nagoya.


1  Tsurumai Line For Akaike and Toyotashi
2  Tsurumai Line For Kami-Otai and Inuyama
3  Sakura-dōri Line For Imaike and Nonami
4  Sakura-dōri Line For Nagoya and Nakamura Kuyakusho

On Platform 1, door 1 is closest to the connecting passage to the Sakuradōri Line platform and door 16 is closest to the elevator, and on Platform 2, door 9 is closest to the elevator and door 24 is closest to the connecting passage. On the platforms for the Sakuradōri Line, on Platform 3 for Akaike door 8 is closest to the elevator and the connecting passage is behind the train, beyond door 20, and on Platform 4 for Nagoya, door 17 is closest to the elevator and door 1 is closest to the connecting passage. There are two wickets, the East Wicket for the Sakuradōri Line portion of the station and the North Wicket for the Tsurumai Line portion. [1]

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