Inuyama Station

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Inuyama Station
Inuyama station.JPG
Inuyama station
Prefecture Aichi
(See other stations in Aichi)
City Inuyama
Postal code 484-0081
Address in Japanese 愛知県犬山市大字犬山字富士見町14番地 [1]
Opened 1912 [2]
Rail services
Operator(s) Meitetsu
Line(s) Inuyama Line
Komaki Line
Hiromi Line
Statistics 16,396 passengers/day 2008
Bus Medium bus terminal at this station

Inuyama Station (犬山駅 Inuyama-eki?) is a railway station in Inuyama, Aichi Prefecture, Japan opened on August 6, 1912; 103 years ago (1912-08-06).




1  Inuyama Line from Meitetsu Nagoya for Shin-Unuma, Meitetsu Gifu
returning for Kōnan and Iwakura
2  Inuyama Line from Shin-Unuma for Kōnan, Iwakura and Meitetsu Nagoya
3  Komaki Line returning for Komaki and Heian-dōri
 Inuyama Line returning for Shin-Unuma and Meitetsu-Gifu
 Inuyama Line for Shin Kani, Meitetsu Nagoya and Meitetsu Gifu
 Hiromi Line returning for Shin Kani

There are three physical platforms serving Platform 1 through Platform 6. After renovation completed in mid-December 2010, there are two wickets. The renovated portions of the station entered service in midday on December 20, 2010, and with them the station was made handicapped-accessible. Previously, there was one wicket, but after renovation it became the South Wicket, and the newly completed wicket is the North Wicket. The renovation also included new LED displays indicating the next trains arriving at the station, which replaced displays which mechanically flipped cards with such information printed on them. There are two exits, the East Exit and the West Exit.[1]

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Nagoya Railroad
Inuyama Line
  μSKY Limited Express   Inuyama Yūen
Kashiwamori   Rapid Limited Express   Inuyama Yūen
Kashiwamori   Limited Express   Inuyama Yūen
Fusō   Rapid Express   Inuyama Yūen
Fusō   Express   Inuyama Yūen
Inuyamaguchi   Semi-Express   Inuyama Yūen
Inuyamaguchi   Local   Inuyama Yūen
Hiromi Line
Inuyama Line for Meitetsu Nagoya   μSKY Limited Express   Nishi Kani
Inuyama Line for Meitetsu Nagoya   Limited Express   Nishi Kani
Inuyama Line for Meitetsu Nagoya and Meitetsu Gifu   Local   Tomioka-mae
Komaki Line
Haguro - Terminus

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Coordinates: 35°22′49″N 136°56′44″E / 35.3802373°N 136.9456637°E / 35.3802373; 136.9456637