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Marvin Tokayer (born 1936) is an American rabbi and author. Tokayer was a United States Air Force chaplain in Japan. He was advised by the Lubavitcher Rebbe to go to Japan as the only rabbi there, and became rabbi to the Jewish community of Japan for eight years. Tokayer has written 20 books in Japanese. He has researched the history of the Jews in China and Japan, including the role that the Japanese played in helping victims of the Holocaust.[1] In the 2010s, he has collaborated with Kenneth X. Robbins in editing studies of expatriate communities in Asia. He praises General Hideki Tojo and General Kiichiro Higuchi, who saved 20,000 Jews that the USSR intended to send back to Germany, and is disappointed that this piece of history is not well known.[2][3]

Selected publications in English[edit]

  • The Fugu Plan. Paddington Press, 1979. (with Mary Swartz)
  • Western Jews in India: From the Fifteenth Century to the Present. Manohar Publishers, 2013. ISBN 978-8173049835 (editor with Kenneth X. Robbins)
  • Pepper, Silk & Ivory: Amazing Stories about Jews and the Far East. Gefen, 2014. ISBN 978-9652296474 (with Ellen Rodman)
  • Jews and the Indian National Art Project. Niyogi Books, 2015. ISBN 978-9383098545 (editor with Kenneth X. Robbins)


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