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Mary Morgan may refer to:

  • Jaye P. Morgan or Mary Margaret Morgan (born 1931), American retired popular music singer, actress and game show panelist
  • Margaret Mary Morgan (died 1946), U.S. suffragist and the first woman elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, ca. 1921
  • Mary de Morgan (1850–1907), British author of fairytales
  • Mary Morgan (infanticide) (1788–1805), Welsh servant convicted for killing her newborn child
  • Mary C. Morgan, judge of the San Francisco County Superior Court and the first openly lesbian judge appointed in the United States
  • Mary Sherman Morgan (1921–2004), American rocket fuel scientist
  • Mary S. Morgan (born 1952), professor of the history of economics in the London School of Economics
  • Roberta Wohlstetter or Roberta Mary Morgan (1912–2007), American military intelligence historian

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