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Masanori Nishio (西尾 正範, Nishio Masanori, born 3 January 1949) is a Japanese politician.

Nishio was born in Ōno, Hokkaidō, now part of the city of Hokuto. After graduating Kyoto University, he became a public servant in 1973. He was appointed deputy mayor of Hakodate by its then-mayor Hiroshi Inoue in July 2003, but resigned himself in December 2006 due to a rift with the mayor over the construction of a retirement home.[1] He beat Inoue in the mayoral election held on 22 April 2007, and took office on 27 April.


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Preceded by
Hiroshi Inoue
Mayor of Hakodate
27 April 2007–present