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William James College
Former name
Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (MSPP)
Motto Meeting the Need...Making a Difference
Type Private university
Established 1974
Academic affiliation
President Nicholas Covino, PsyD
Students 600
Location Newton, Massachusetts, United States
42°17′42″N 71°12′12″W / 42.2950°N 71.2033°W / 42.2950; -71.2033Coordinates: 42°17′42″N 71°12′12″W / 42.2950°N 71.2033°W / 42.2950; -71.2033
Website http://www.williamjames.edu

William James College, formerly Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (MSPP),[1] is a graduate college of psychology located in Newton, Massachusetts. With nearly 700 students, William James College offers seventeen graduate academic degree programs and one academic graduate certificate across four departments: Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Organizational and Leadership Psychology, and School Psychology. William James College has three centers: The Brenner Center for Psychological Assessment and Testing, The Freedman Center, and The Lucero Center for Latino Mental Health.

Educational approach[edit]

Founded in 1974, William James College uses an experiential education model, which combines academic instruction with supervised clinical experience. Students are in the field beginning in the first year, and are placed in various local field facilities including social service agencies, schools, hospitals, community mental health centers, child guidance clinics, court clinics, college counseling centers, private agencies and corporate settings.[2]

Specialty areas[edit]

The Lucero Latino Mental Health Training Program is a concentration open to students from many of the graduate programs, specializing in the specific mental health needs of Latino patients or clients.[3] The Dr. Cynthia Lucero Center, which sponsors the concentration in Latino Mental Health, was founded by the friends and family of the late Dr. Cynthia Lucero, a graduate of William James College.[4] Lectures and scholarships in Cynthia’s memory are also sponsored by the Lucero Center.[5] The academic concentration provides relevant coursework and summer immersion programs in Costa Rica and Ecuador focused on improving Spanish language skills and exposure to Latino cultures through community service mental health work.

One distinguishing William James College program is designed to "train vets to treat vets". In 2011,[6] William James College was awarded a grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, working to recruit veterans and train them to meet the mental health needs of their fellow service men and women. William James College participates in the Veteran’s Administration Yellow Ribbon Program and provides matching grant assistance to eligible veterans.

William James College also has special training programs in child and adolescent mental health.[7]

Academic programs[edit]

Clinical Psychology

  • Clinical Psychology PsyD[8]

Counseling Psychology

  • Counseling Psychology, MA[9]
  • Counseling Psychology and Community Mental Health, MA[10]
  • Counseling and Health Psychology, MA[11]
  • Forensic and Counseling Psychology, MA (Blended)[12]
  • Counseling Psychology and Global Mental Health, MA[13]
  • Counseling Psychology in Expressive Arts Therapy, MA[14]
  • Counseling Psychology in Couples and Family Therapy, MA[15]

Organizational and Leadership Psychology

School Psychology

  • School Psychology, PsyD[19]
  • School Psychology, MA/CAGS[20]


William James College is accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA)[21] and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).[22] The MA/CAGS in School Psychology is an approved program by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP).[23]

Continuing and community education[edit]

William James College offers professional continuing education for psychologists,[24] social workers, nurses, mental health counselors, school psychologists, counselors, other mental health professionals, educators, businessmen and women, psychotherapists, and the community.

In addition, the Freedman Center for Child and Family Development, offers courses for parents.[25]

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