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Massimo Calearo Ciman (born 23 November 1955 in Vicenza) is an Italian entrepreneur and former politician from Veneto. Chairman of Calearo Antenne spa, the family company producing antennas. <> Before entering politics he held several leadership roles within Confindustria, at local and national level. Despite being a liberal-conservative, at the 2008 general election Calearo headed the list of the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) and was elected to the Italian Chamber of Deputies. However he soon found that the party was too left-wing for him and in November 2009 took part to the foundation of Alliance for Italy (ApI) with Francesco Rutelli.[1]

After having launched Alliance for Veneto (ApV) in April 2010,[2] in September Calearo left ApI in order to support Silvio Berlusconi's government.[3]


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