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Alliance for Veneto (Alleanza per il Veneto, AdV) was a short-lived centrist political party in Veneto, that was the section of Alliance for Italy (ApI) in Veneto.

Massimo Calearo, industrialist and deputy elected for the Democratic Party, launched AdV in April 2010 as a centrist competitor of Liga VenetaLega Nord, the dominant political force in Veneto. On the model of Union for Trentino (UpT), AdV was envisioned as an autonomous political party within ApI. Its main members included Alessio Vianello, a former deputy-mayor of Venice, and Marco Zabotti, leader of Venetian Civic Network.[1]

AdV soon aligned itself with UpT in its call for a confederal structure for the party and a less centralist approach.[2]

In July 2010 Vianello joined Toward North,[3] while in September Calearo left ApI in order to support Silvio Berlusconi's government.[4] AdV thus evaporated.



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