Massive Snowboarding

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Massive Snowboarding
Developer(s) Gameloft
Publisher(s) Gameloft[1]
Platform(s) Mobile
  • NA: September 10, 2005
Genre(s) Sports
Mode(s) Single player

Massive Snowboarding is a mobile game developed and published by Gameloft, and created for the V CAST service from Verizon Wireless. The game is a snowboarding game, much like 1080° Snowboarding and SSX. It was released in North America on September 10, 2005.[1]


Screenshot of a snowboarder executing a trick in the game.

Massive Snowboarding allows the player to choose from up to five different characters in different modes.[2] In the main career mode, there are three different types of gameplay available: Ride Challenge, Rival Race, and Video Shoot.

Most of the game takes place in Ride Challenge, where you are given certain objectives to complete before reaching the bottom of the slope, ranging from gaining a certain amount of points through tricks to executing a certain trick. Rival race is just as it sounds - racing another player down the slope. Video shoot tasks you with earning a certain point value on only one huge jump.

Control is simple. Hold down the "5" button on the keypad to crouch - let go of it to jump. By pressing other buttons, you can execute tricks in the air and string together combos.[1]


Reviews and awards
Publication Score Comment
Wireless Buyer's Guide pick[3]
Editor's Choice[2]

Massive Snowboarding was praised by most critics. GameSpot gave Massive Snowboarding an Editors' Choice award, stating, "Gameloft has struck a balance between the speedy and the spectacular, and the result is an excellent and highly addictive sports title."[2] The reviewer from wrote, "It's the most attractive, engaging mobile game I've ever played."[4] IGN gave the game an "outstanding" grade, writing "If I was Verizon, I'd make sure Massive Snowboarding was playing on all of my V CAST phones at retail locations -- it's the kind of game that could move a phone."[1]


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