Master Death

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Master Death
Gospodar smrti.jpg
Publication information
Publisher Mikijevo carstvo (Yugoslavia)
First appearance November, 1939
Created by Đorđe Lobačev
In-story information
Alter ego Sir Reginald
Abilities Excellent athlete
Highly skilled martial artist and marksman

Master Death (Serbian: Gospodar smrti) was a Yugoslav adventure/fantasy comic strip about the masked hero of the same name, created by artist Đorđe Lobačev. Master Death appeared in four stories published in comic magazine Mikijevo carstvo (Mickey's Kingdom) from 1939 to 1940. Master Death is considered one of the most notable titles of the "Golden Age of Serbian Comics".[1]


Master Death was created by artist Đorđe Lobačev.[2] The first Master Death story was published in comic magazine Mikijevo carstvo in November 1939.[2] In his first adventure, the title character leaves to the front to help the wounded.[2] Comic book artist and historian Zdravko Zupan and writer Slavko Draginčić described this as Lobačev's "personal resistance to war and its horrors".[3]

Master Death was published in sequels in Mikijevo carstvo throughout 1939 and 1940.[3] Four Master Death stories were published:

  • "Gospodar smrti" (1939)[3]
  • "Gospodar smrti" (1939/1940)[3]
  • "Tajanstvena pustolovka" ("Mysterious Adventuress") (1940)[3]
  • "Avion smrti" ("Airplane of Death") (1940)[3]

Fictional character[edit]

The story of Master Death begins in 1217, in Scotland.[2] A girl condemned to be burned at the stake lays a curse on the nobleman Sir Wilfred and the next 20 generations of his descendants.[2] In 1939, Wilfred's descendant Sir Reginald is preparing his wedding, when, while passing the bridge on which the girl was burned seven centuries ago, his fiancée gets struck by lightning and dies.[2] Reginald decides to leave the life of riches: he burns his castle down and takes an oath to spend the rest of his life fighting evil and protecting the innocent, wearing a mask of Death.[2] With every good deed he lifts a part of the curse.[2]