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The Master Gunner (of), St James's Park is the ceremonial head of the Royal Regiment of Artillery and channel of communication between the Regiment and the Captain General (Queen Elizabeth II).

The appointment was instituted in 1678 and originally known as Master Gunner of Whitehall & St James's Park. The earlier Master Gunners were responsible for the artillery defence of Whitehall Palace and the Palace of Westminster.

The appointment of Master Gunner, St James's Park is held by a distinguished Royal Artillery Officer selected by the Queen in her capacity as Captain General, on the advice of the Colonels Commandant of the regiment and has honorary status over all other Commonwealth Artilleries.

The appointment of Master Gunner, St James's Park should not be confused with that of Master Gunner, which is an appointment of Warrant Officers.

List of Master Gunners[edit]

Whitehall & St. James's Park[edit]

Captain Thomas Silver 1678–1710
Lieutenant Colonel Jonas Watson 1710–1741

St. James's Park[edit]

Lieutenant Colonel James Deal 1742–1760
Major-General Joseph Brome 1760–1769
Held by a non-commissioned officer 1770–1783
Major-General Joseph Walton 1783–1808
Lieutenant General Sir John Macleod GCH 1808–1833
Major General Sir Alexander Dickson GCB KCH 1833–1840
General Sir Robert Gardiner GCB KCH 1840–1864
Field Marshal Sir Hew Dalrymple Ross GCB 1864–1868
General William Wylde CB 1868–1877
General Sir John Bloomfield GCB 1877–1880
General Poole Vallancey England 1880–1884
General Sir John St. George GCB 1884–1891
General Sir Collingwood Dickson VC GCB 1891–1904
Field Marshal The Earl Roberts VC KG KP GCB OM GCSI GCIE 1904–1914
General Sir Robert Biddulph GCB GCMG 1914–1918
Major General Francis William Ward CB 1918–1919
General Sir Edward Francis Chapman KCB 1919–1926
General The Lord Horne GCB KCMG 1926–1929
Field Marshal The Lord Milne GCB GCMG DSO 1929–1946
Field Marshal The Viscount Alanbrooke KG GCB OM GCVO DSO 1946–1956
General Sir Cameron Nicholson GCB KBE DSO MC 1956–1960
General Sir Robert Mansergh GCB KBE MC 1960–1970
Field Marshal Sir Geoffrey Baker GCB CMG CBE MC 1970–1976
General Sir Harry Tuzo GCB OBE MC 1977–1983
General Sir Thomas Morony KCB OBE 1983–1988
General Sir Martin Farndale KCB 1988–1996
Field Marshal The Lord Vincent GBE KCB DSO 1996–2000
General Sir Alexander Harley KBE CB 2001–2008
General Sir Timothy Granville-Chapman GBE KCB ADC Gen 2008–[1]


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