Masters of Disaster (comics)

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Masters of Disaster
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Batman and the Outsiders #9 April (1984)
Created by Mike Barr
Jim Aparo
In-story information
Member(s) Coldsnap
New Wave

The Masters of Disaster is a fictional supervillain team in the DC Comics universe.

Fictional team history[edit]

The Masters of Disaster were enemies of Batman's Outsiders, Infinity Inc. and the Justice Society. All of their powers based on elemental forces of nature.

One of their earliest defeats of the Outsiders was neutralized with the emergence of the heroine known as Looker. She manages to defeat the Masters and free the others.[1]

They assist Baron Bedlam and his Soviet-backed invasion of the country of Markovia. This would result in the deaths of many Markovian soldiers. The Outsiders attack an enemy camp and encounters the Masters. Learning from a previous encounter, the team manages to defeat the Outsiders.

Tensions arise in the team as Windfall has developed sympathetic feelings for the Outsiders and works from behind the scenes to keep them alive. Her sister, New Wave, naturally does not like this and Shakedown simply wants the team to work in peace. New Wave kills Shakedown, and Windfall leaves, joins the Outsiders, then joins the Suicide Squad where she is killed on a mission by Chemo.


  • New Wave - Becky Jones' power was aquakinesis and she could become living water. She is the older sister of Windfall and is quite possibly insane.
  • Shakedown - A big man, very strong, almost invulnerable, and could generate powerful vibratory blasts. Tries to keep the peace in the group. After opposing New Wave one too many times, she kills him.
  • Coldsnap - Darryl was able to generate extreme cold. He was in love with Heatstroke, but could not touch her due to his cold powers. Joined the group to get the money needed to cure his condition.
  • Heatstroke - Joanne was able to generate blazing heat. She was in love with Coldsnap, but could not touch him, due to her heat powers. Joanne, like Darryl, joined the group in order to get the money needed to cure her condition.
  • Windfall - Wendy Jones had aerokinetic abilities. She had sympathetic feelings for the Outsiders member Halo which caused tension. Later leaves the Masters to join the Outsiders. Resurfaced as a member of Strike Force Kobra and later appeared as a member of the Suicide Squad where she was killed by Chemo in a mission.

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