Matadi Bridge

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Matadi Bridge / OEBK Bridge
Pont Marechal, Matadi, Congo.jpg
Coordinates 5°49′28″S 13°26′02″E / 5.824466°S 13.433865°E / -5.824466; 13.433865Coordinates: 5°49′28″S 13°26′02″E / 5.824466°S 13.433865°E / -5.824466; 13.433865
Crosses Congo River
Locale Matadi
Design suspension bridge

The Matadi Bridge, also known as the OEBK Bridge, is a suspension bridge in the port of Matadi, Democratic Republic of Congo. Completed in 1983, it has a main span of 520 m, crossing the Congo River, carrying the main highway between the capital Kinshasa and the Atlantic coast. As well as passing through Matadi it links the ports of Boma and Banana.

Matadi Bridge is the only fixed crossing of any kind over the lower and middle Congo River. The next crossing is a road and rail bridge at Kongolo, 2,800 km (1,700 mi) further upstream on the upper Congo (the Lualaba River).


The railway line across the bridge is either no longer used for a line to Boma and Muanda or yet to be used.[1]

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