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Matt Hayes
Born Matthew Hayes
24 November 1961 (1961-11-24) (age 56)
Smethwick, UK
Occupation Angler
Spouse(s) Anne Marit Winsnes-Hayes
Family 3

Matthew "Matt" Hayes is a British angler.[1] who is featured in televised angling shows on Discovery Real Time.

He is often seen on TV alongside his fishing companion and fellow programme contributor Mick Brown. Hayes used to write a weekly column in the Angling Times and serves as the President of The Carp Society.[2]


Coarse Fishing with Matt Hayes (26 Jun 1995)

He has appeared in several series of TV programmes with fellow angler Mick Brown. These programmes include: The Great Rod Race, The Greater Rod Race and Wet Nets. These are both about 30 day challenges from the west coast of Ireland, to the east coast of England.

Hayes also starred in the TV series Mainstream, travelling down the UK's most famous rivers from 'source to sea', wetting a line or two along the way.

He also starred in 24 Hour Rod Race (Series 1 - June 2012) and also 24 Hour Rod Race (Series 2 - October 2013)) in which he has no companion. Both series involve episodes with Matt being set a target which he has to meet within 24 hours of the task being set.

Also he has starred in the multi-series Total Fishing series.


Matt Hayes Fishing - PC CD-Rom - (2002)(2005) Fishing Computer Game[1]

Matt Hayes was also a judge on the hit BBC 2 TV series The Earths Wildest Waters, The Big Fish.


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  • Matt Hayes is no longer associated with Total Fishing Gear.