Mick Brown (angler)

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Mick Brown
Mike Brownhyvjk.jpg
Brown with a specimen carp.
Born Michael Brown
1946 (age 70–71)
Birmingham, England
Occupation Angler
Years active 1976–present
Spouse(s) Janet Brown
Children 4

Michael "Mick" Brown (born 1946 in Birmingham, England) is a British angler who co-hosts several fishing programs with Matt Hayes on Discovery Real Time (channel).[1] He has starred in over 80 programs.[2] He is best known for his love of targeting predator fish, especially pike.[3]

Brown has released many books on predator fishing[4] and even has his own signature line of fishing rods.[5]

He was born in Birmingham and lived with his parents, two brothers and a sister in the Acocks Green area of the city. He worked as an engineer at Lucas before making his break to be a professional angler in the 1980s. Now married to Jan, he is a father to Daniel, Nicola, Rhiannon, and Kay and has several grandchildren.

He is currently sponsored by Dynamite Baits.

Brown is mainly known for accompanying Matt Hayes in programmes such as:

  • Total Fishing 2006
  • Record Breaking Fish
  • The Great Rod Race
  • The Greater Rod Race
  • Wet Nets

He has appeared in over 80 angling programmes. He is also known for his own DVDs such as

  • Mick Brown on Pike Fishing
  • Mick Brown Summer Pike Fishing

Brown has also released books on Pike & Predator fishing such as Pike Fishing: The Practice and the Passion, and Mick Browns Guide to Pike and Predators.

Brown runs a YouTube channel MickBrownFishingTV.


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