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Matthew Larkin Cassell is an American songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and writer. His songwriting style has been described as a fusion of funk, R&B, jazz and pop. A San Francisco Bay Area native, Cassell has made numerous appearances in the Bay Area and European tours throughout his formative years as a musician.

Cassell is best known for his original, privately pressed vinyl recordings from the 1970s and 1980s: the LP Pieces from 1977, the EP, Matt The Cat released in 1978, and the untitled 45 released in 1980. Cassell has seen a revival of interest in his music through the internet, rare vinyl and beat collectors, worldwide. Copies of his original records have exceeded $1,300.[1]

The re-discovery of Cassell's recordings were covered in The Huffington Post.[2] Joel Selvin of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote[3] of Cassell’s re-emergence, “A 21st century digital fairy tale,” and Cassell's first interview with Paul Liberatore of the Marin Independent Journal.[4]

First re-emerging in re-release through compilation on, The Kings of Digging[5] compilation helmed by the DJ team Kon & Amir, recording artists Madlib, M. F. Doom, and People Under The Stairs and others have since sampled Cassell’s early recordings.

Portions of Cassell’s catalogue have been re-issued by the Blues Interactions / P-Vine label in Japan, Rapster Records in Berlin, and the BBE label in London, and is currently signed to the Stones Throw[6] label in Los Angeles. His complete works are to be released by Stones Throw on May 17, 2010.

Cassell resides, records, and performs in Northern California.


  • 1977 Pieces 12" (private press) LP (Limited Release 300 copies)
  • 1978 Matt The Cat 12" (private press) EP
  • 1980 Untitled, w/kid picture 7" (private press) 45 single
  • 2006 Reissue "In My Life" appears on Kings of 'Diggin' CD, Kon/Amir, Rapster Records, Berlin/BBE, London
  • 2007 Reissue "Heaven" Single 7" Off Track Kon/Amir, BBE, London
  • 2008 Privatepress4 12" (private press) EP single
  • 2008 Reissue - 2 CDs- Pieces & Matt The Cat/45 Untitled P-Vine / Blues Interactions label, Tokyo
  • 2010 Reissue Complete Catalogue Vinyl (2x) & CD, Stones Throw, Los Angeles


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