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Matthias Dunn (1788 – 10 September 1869) was an Inspector of Mines in the North-east of England, United Kingdom during the 19th century. He lived at Stella Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, and owned a quarter share in the Stargate Pit which was the site of the Stargate Pit Explosion of 1826.

In 1830 he sunk a new shaft, the "Great Seam Pit", at Prestongrange Colliery in East Lothian, now the site of the Prestongrange Industrial Heritage Museum.

Dunn tried to improve safety in mines

Matthias Dunn's son was the architect Archibald Matthias Dunn.

Publications by Matthias Dunn[edit]

  • "An Historical, Geological and descriptive View of the Coal Trade of the North of England", printed 1844
  • "Report upon the Inspection of Collieries in the Counties of Durham, Northumberland and Cumberland and the Mining Districts of Scotland" 1851
  • "A Treatise on the Winning and Working of Collieries; including numerous statistics regarding ventilation and the prevention of accidents in mines, and illustrated with explanatory engravings and colliery plans" 1852
  • "How to Prevent Accidents in Collieries", 1855
  • "Sundry memoranda of my own transactions and other occurrences in the coal trade of Newcastle-on-Tyne, in the manner of a journal for the year commencing this day, Wallsend, 1 Jan 1812"

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