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Matty Grooves Records is a record label which was started by the members of Fairport Convention in 2004, when Woodworm Records was put into hold. The name is derived from the English folk song "Matty Groves".

Release list[edit]

Cat No Artist Title UK Release Notes
MGCD041 Fairport Convention Over the Next Hill August 2004
MGCD042 The Dylan Project 2 2005
MG2CD043 Fairport Convention Off the Desk 2006 2-CD. Recorded live during the 2004 and 2005 winter tours.
MGCD044 Fairport Convention Sense of Occasion February 2007
MGCD045 Dave Pegg & PJ Wright Galileo's Apology February 2007
MG4CD046 Dave Pegg A Box of Pegg's [sic] August 2007 4-CD box set including book. Compilation of tracks mostly released previously, but not necessarily on CD; various artist credits.
MG2CD1947 Dave Pegg 60th Birthday Bash August 2008 2-CD. Recorded live at Birmingham Town Hall, 3 November 2007.
MGCD048 Fairport Convention Live at Cropredy '08 March 2009 Recorded live at the Cropredy Festival, 9 August 2008.
MGCD049 Fairport Convention Fame & Glory April 2009 Some tracks are live recordings.
MGCD050 Fairport Convention Festival Bell January 2011
MGCD051 Fairport Convention By Popular Request January 2012 The CD includes re-recorded versions of Fairport classics, chosen by fans in an online poll
MGCD052 Fairport Convention Babbacombe Lee- Live Again January 2012 The Babbacombe Lee album played live in its entirety, as performed on the Fairport winter tour in 2011
MGCD053 Fairport Convention Myths and Heroes January 2015
MGCD054 Fairport Convention 50:50@50 January 2017 An album to mark the band's 50th anniversary, the album features seven studio recorded tracks and seven live tracks.
MG2CD055 Fairport Convention What We Did On Our Saturday May 2018 A double live album featuring highlights from the band's 50th anniversary set at Fairport's Cropredy Convention 2017.
MGCD056 Fairport Convention Shuffle and Go January 2020
MGCD057 Fairport Convention Off the Desk 2020 April 2021 Recorded live during the 2019 and 2020 winter tours.

DVD release list[edit]

Cat No Artist Title UK Release Notes
MGDVD01 Fairport Convention Fairport@Forty January 2008 A Live DVD featuring Highlights of Fairport's Cropredy Convention in 2007.
MGDVD02 Fairport Convention Off The Screen December 2009 Highlights of Fairport Convention's saturday night set at Fairport's Cropredy Convention in 2009.

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