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Maukspitze 080810.jpg
Summit of the Maukspitze
Highest point
Elevation 2,231 m (AA) (7,320 ft)
Coordinates 47°33′34″N 12°21′25″E / 47.55944°N 12.35694°E / 47.55944; 12.35694Coordinates: 47°33′34″N 12°21′25″E / 47.55944°N 12.35694°E / 47.55944; 12.35694
Maukspitze is located in Austria
Parent range Kaisergebirge

The Maukspitze is a 2,231 m (AA) high peak in the Kaisergebirge in the Northern Limestone Alps.


The Maukspitze represents the easternmost independent summit of the Kaisergebirge mountains. To the east is the crest of the Niederkaiser, to the west the Maukspitze borders on the Ackerlspitze. To the south, the Maukspitze falls steeply and abruptly (Niedersessel, Hochsessel), in places with vertical rock faces, into the Leukental towards St. Johann in Tirol. To the north the Maukspitze drops equally sharply into the Kaiserbach valley.


The Maukspitze is a popular viewing point due to its exposed situation, but is not easy to reach from any side. The simplest climb runs from the Wochenbrunneralm in the south via Niedersessel and Südostgrat (I). The Maukspitze is also accessible via a Klettersteig from the Ackerlspitze. The starting point in each case is the Ackerl Hut. In addition there are many climbing routes of various grades.


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