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Maungmagan is located in Myanmar
Coordinates: 14°08′41.12″N 98°06′27.75″E / 14.1447556°N 98.1077083°E / 14.1447556; 98.1077083Coordinates: 14°08′41.12″N 98°06′27.75″E / 14.1447556°N 98.1077083°E / 14.1447556; 98.1077083
Country Myanmar
Division Taninthayi
Township Dawei
Village Maungmagan
Time zone MST (UTC6:30)

Maungmagan is a village and beach located approximately 12 kilometers north-west of Dawei, the capital of Taninthayi Division.[1] It is the second oldest beach locale established in Myanmar after Ngapali.[2]

It is approximately 25-minutes drive away from Dawei and 75 minutes flight from Yangon, the principal city of Myanmar. It was a popular beach destination in Myanmar until the establishment of Chaungtha which was much more closer to Yangon. The beach is being redeveloped by the Burmese government due to its proximity to Bangkok's tourist market through the newly opened (Aug 2013) Phu Nam Ron Border gate.[3] It is intended that Maungmagan and its neighbouring beaches of San Maria Bay and Nabule will become stop overs for the much promoted ecotourism to the Myeik Archipelago [4]