Mauritian general election, 2005

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Mauritian general election, 2005

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All 70 seats in the National Assembly
35 seats needed for a majority

  First party Second party
  Navin Ramgoolam Paul Berenger
Leader Navin Ramgoolam Paul Berenger
Party Labour Party MMM
Leader since 1991 1995
Leader's seat Pamplemousses and Triolet Rose-Hill and Stanley
Last election 8 seats 54 seats
Seats before 8 54
Seats won 38 22
Seat change Increase 30 Decrease 30
Popular vote 948,766 829,460
Percentage 48.8% 42.6%
Swing Increase 12.2% Decrease 9.1%

Prime Minister before election

Paul Berenger

Subsequent Prime Minister

Navin Ramgoolam
Labour Party

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Mauritian general elections took place on 3 July 2005, with polls counted on 4 July.

The Alliance Sociale, a coalition led by the Mauritian Labour Party (PTr) and including the Mauritian Party of Xavier-Luc Duval (PMXD), the Mauritian Social Democrat Party (MSN), Les Verts (Greens), the Republican Movement, and the Mauritian Militant Socialist Movement (MMSM), won the election with 42 of the 70 seats (38 elected directly, and another 4 nominated under the country's "best loser" system). The PTr leader, Navin Ramgoolam, was subsequently appointed Prime Minister on 5 July, with Rashid Beebeejaun as his deputy. Three other coalition leaders were elected, but the Les Verts leader failed to oust outgoing Prime Minister Paul Bérenger from his constituency.

24 seats were won by Bérenger's coalition, consisting of the Mauritian Militant Movement (MMM) and the Militant Socialist Movement (MSM); of these, 22 were directly elected and 2 nominated as "best losers". Pravind Jugnauth, the MSM leader, lost his seat to an Alliance Sociale candidate.

The two seats reserved for the island of Rodrigues were won by the Rodrigues Movement (OPR); another 2 OPR members were appointed as "best losers."

8 of the 70 seats are allocated to "best losers," appointed to ensure that ethnic and religious minorities are equitably represented.


The total number of votes is higher than the population because Mauritians get to vote for up to 3 times in a single election.[1]

e • d Summary of the 3 July 2005 National Assembly of Mauritius election results
Parties and alliances Votes % Seats Additional seats total seats
Alliance Sociale: 948,766 48.8 38 4 42
Alliance MSM-MMM 829,460 42.6 22 2 24
Organisation du Peuple Rodriguais (OPR) 10,184 0.8 2 2 4
All others 156,538 8.0
Total (Turnout 81.5 %) 1,944,948 100.0 62 8 70
Source: Adam Carr
  • Every voter has three votes. The total number of votes cast divided by three (648,316) is lower than the actual number people voting (666,178), because not all of them cast three votes. Bulletins which contains 1 or 2 votes are void, and as such only blank bulleting or bulletins with 3 votes are considered.