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Maurizio Colasanti is an Italian conductor.


Colasanti specializes in contemporary music, more specifically in the opera and classic romantic period. He has worked with such distinguished artists as A.Pay, B.Canino, B.Incagnoli, A. Rosand, C. M. Giulini M. Larrieu, P.Badura Skoda and I Solisti, as well as being featured in national broadcasts by RAI and Radio TRE. In 2012, he was named Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of the OSUEL Symphony Orchestra. In 2013, he won the Giuseppe Dell’Orefice Prize, a fledgling classical music honour established by the Giuseppe Dell’Orefice association and Fara Filiorum Petri Municipality.


He has conducted:


Label: Aulia, Mondo Musica verlag, Bongiovanni:

  • W.A. Mozart, Divertimenti, I Fiati Italiani AA690131
  • W.A. Mozart, Masonic Music AA 690070
  • F. Danzi, Quintetti, AA690117
  • F.V.Krommer, L.Kotzeluch, A.Rosetti I Solisti della Scala

Maurizio Colasanti conductor

  • J. Triebensee, Triebensee,AA69005 I Fiati Italiani, Maurizio Colasanti conduct.

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