Mawlamyine Railway Station

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Mawlamyine Railway Station
မော်လမြိုင် ဘူတာ
Mawlamyine Railway Station
Location Myenigon, Mawlamyine
Mon State, Myanmar
Coordinates 16°28′17″N 97°38′8″E / 16.47139°N 97.63556°E / 16.47139; 97.63556Coordinates: 16°28′17″N 97°38′8″E / 16.47139°N 97.63556°E / 16.47139; 97.63556
Rebuilt 2006

Mawlamyine Railway Station (Burmese: မော်လမြိုင် ဘူတာ) is a railway station located in Mawlamyine, Mon State, Myanmar on Myanmar Railways' Bago-Mawlamyine-Dawei line. The two-story station is 290 feet (88 m) long and 110 feet (34 m) wide, and has a total floor area of 638,000 square feet.[1]


During the British colonial era, the Moulmein Railway Station was the terminus of isolated Mawlamyine-Ye line on the Tanintharyi coast. The line from Yangon stopped at Mottama (Martaban), and passengers had to take a ferry over the Thanlwin River (Salween River) to Mawlamyine. Only in 2006, with the opening of the Thanlwin Bridge, did a direct link to the rest of the national rail network become possible. A new station, reportedly built to the standards of an "ASEAN railway station", was opened on 17 April 2006.[2] The station is located in Myenigon, approximately 3 km east of the city's main market, Zegyi.[3]


The station is part of the country's 5,068-kilometre (3,149 mi) national rail network.[4] Myanmar Railways, the country's sole railway operator, offers two trains services per day, the first leaving Yangon at 7:00 am and arriving Mawlamyine at 5:00 pm, and the next service leaving Yangon 10:00 am and arriving Mawlamyine at 9:00 pm. For the return journey back to Yangon, the morning service departs Mawlamyine at 6:00 am and arrives Yangon at 5:00 PM and the next train departs Mawlamyine at 8:30 am and arrives Yangon at 8:00 pm.[3]

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