Max Faulkner (actor)

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Max Faulkner
Born 1931
Died 13 February 2010(2010-02-13) (aged 78-79)
Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Occupation Television Actor & Stuntman

Max Faulkner was an English stuntman & actor.


Max Faulkner did stunt/double work in The Adventures of Robin Hood (TV series) and appeared as a clerk in one episode but was mainly known for his credited work on Doctor Who during the 1970s where he appeared in The Ambassadors of Death (as a UNIT soldier), The Monster of Peladon (as a miner), Planet of the Spiders (as a Guard Captain), Genesis of the Daleks (as a Thal Guard), The Android Invasion (as Corporal Adams) & The Invasion of Time (as Nesbin). He also served as the fight arranger for The Hand of Fear.

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