Max Steel: Countdown

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Max Steel: Countdown
Directed by Sean Sullivan
Produced by Ian Richter
Steven Wendland
Written by Steven Melching
Starring Christian Campbell
Alessandro Juliani
Lisa Ann Beley
Scott McNeil
Brian Drummond
Michael Donovan
Music by Brian Kirk
Greg Burns
Jeff Burns
Edited by Michael Dowding
Distributed by Warner Bros. Television
Release date
  • 2006 (2006)
Running time
51 min.
Country United States
Language English

Max Steel: Countdown is a 2006 film and the third direct-to-DVD movie based on the series and action figure line.


After years of searching, Max and 'Berto have managed to locate the late Psycho's base. With 'Berto's help, Max manages to sneak into Psycho's base. Once inside, Max finds that Psycho stole the "Imploder": A machine that condenses all surrounding matter into a miniature black hole. As Max approaches the Imploder, a hologram of Psycho's face appears above it. It tells Max that, if he is seeing this, then he, Psycho, is dead. He then tells Max that he is going to destroy everything with the Imploder. Max is about to deactivate the Imploder, when Psycho tells him that he left Max some company inside the base: Over 100 androids, similar to the android in "Endangered Species," are waiting to be given the order to attack Max. Psycho gives the order, and the droids attack Max, stopping him from deactivating the Imploder. After a long battle, 'Berto hacks into Psycho's mainframe, and shuts them down. Max, extremely weak and low on T-juice, manages to shut down the Imploder, saving Earth. After returning to N-Tek's new base, inside of a mountain, 'Berto tells Max that his system isn't holding the transphasic charge as well as it used to (he's "wearing out"). He continues to tell Max about his new "Steel Nano-probes" project, which are stronger and more durable than regular nano-probes. However, it is incomplete, and he still needs to run a few more tests before they will be able for use. Later, Max is going over a video from the battle against the Psycho androids, when he is interrupted by Kat, who has left N-Tek, and is now back into sports. She asks if he wants to go on an outdoor adventure, he replies, telling her that outdoors would be nice, but he's had enough adventure. Max and 'Berto go to Jeff's office, where Jeff tells them that N-Tek scanners have been picking up, what could be, Elementium, and he's unsure if Elementor, destroyed over a year ago, is actually dead. 'Berto and Max assure Jeff that Elementor is history, and it's probably trace amounts in the atmosphere. Max tells Jeff that he needs some time off, so he can relax. 'Berto says he could use that time to monitor Max' biometrics in the field, for the steel nano-probes project. Jeff allows. Later, while Max is out for wheeling with Kat, 'Berto is still trying to find a source of energy within Max, so the steel nano-probes won't lose power. He can't find anything, until later, when Max is rock-climbing, he realizes Max' adrenaline is "way off the chart," and this may be useful later on. Later, Max and Kat are sitting at their camp. Kat tries to convince Max to come back to sports with her, but he declines, feeling that N-Tek's stance is too strong to leave. 'Berto calls them, via satellite, and tells them that Max bursts 10-times the adrenaline of a normal human, and they will be able to use this for the steel nano-probes. Max would no longer would need the transphasic regenerator, which powers up his nano-probes, and the new nano-juice won't lose power. Max likes the idea. 'Berto tells them he'll giver them more information after they return to Copper Canyon, N-Tek's new base. Elementor, in flame-form, overhears their conversation and invades N-Tek. He arrives (in air form) possesses Jefferson's body, and goes to the Transphasic Generator in an attempt to use it to reconstitute his physical body. Max and Kat arrive at N-Tek during this, and they, along with 'Berto, overhear a distress call over the intercom. The trio go to the transphasic generator, and 'Berto reverses the power, hoping it will reverse the process, breaking up the elements. Instead, it forces Elementor to copy and divide himself into 6 bodies (meaning Max now faces the Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Ice, and Metal Elementors and their several powers ). During this, Max is accidentally hit by some of the negative energy, and shorts-out his nano-probes. Max, weakened by the blast, is attacked by the Elementors, and is injured by them. The Elementors escape, leaving Max barely alive. Jeff tells 'Berto to use the new steel nano-probes, but the doctor tells Jeff they're not ready for transfusion, and has no idea what will happen if they use them. Realizing that, either way, Max will die, 'Berto uses the steel Nano-probes, and it saves Max's life. However, it is revealed that Kat was infected with Elementium from earlier, and is now dying. The Elementors, each with a mind of its own, and controls only its respective element, work as a team and try to take over the universe. However, Max, using the new steel Nano-probes, tricks Elementor by telling him that, if the world is going be controlled by the monsters, he prefers to destroy the planet instead. All the Elementors attempt to kill Max, but instead fall into his trap. Max, 'Berto, and Kat (poisoned with Elementium) manage to reunite them all in a desert wasteland. 'Berto reconstructs the Imploder from earlier to only affect Elementium. The process combines and nukes Elementor and strips all the isotopes from his body, leaving him in his original Bio-Con clone state. It also takes the Elementium out of Kat's body, saving her. They imprison Elementor, but Max is still afraid he will escape. Jeff tells Max there's no way he'll escape in his Bio-Con form. The last shot is outside of N-Tek, showing an eagle flying and the sound of Elementor yelling, "Why!?" Then the words "Max Steel" appear on the screen.


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