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Maxelende Ganade
Maxelende Ganade

(1937-11-24) November 24, 1937 (age 81)
Years active1974 to present

Maxelende Ganade (born November 24, 1937) is a Filipino musician, lyricist and composer. She translated into Binisaya (Awit sa Bohol) the original English lyrics of Bohol Hymn, the official anthem of the Province of Bohol, Philippines, which was composed by Justino Romea from Loon town.[1]


Ganade to started playing the piano while in Grade 3, encouraged by her parents Nicomedes Ganade and Consorcia Bag-ao who are both musicians. She graduated her elementary and high school at Holy Spirit Tagbilaran City.[2] She took Bachelor of Music from the College of the Holy Spirit in Manila and she had rendered performances, helped in musical shows and had written compositions.

Ganade’s repertoire as an orchestral soloist ranges from the classical repertoire of Mozart and Beethoven to the Romantic literature of Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Schumann and Rachmaninoff to the modern works of Debussy, Ravel, Shostakovich, Prokofiev and Bartók.

It was during the administration of then Governor Lino Chatto that the provincial government of Bohol undertook the initiative to formally identify the provincial symbols and seals, including the Bohol flag and hymn.

Justino 'Ning" Romea, a writer of the Bohol Chronicle and composer of the RPC Song (now the UB Hymn) and the Bohol Provincial School of Nursing Hymn, was commissioned to pen the Bohol Provincial Hymn. It was first sung publicly by a female choir of the College of Holy Spirit of Tagbilaran on March 1, 1970 in time for the unfurling of the Bohol Flag during the opening ceremonies of the 1970 East Visayan Athletic Association held in Tagbilaran City.

On September 24, 1970, the Provincial Board passed Resolution No. 215 adopting it as the official song of the province of Bohol.

As the hymn's original version was in English, the Provincial Board, a few years after, endeavored to have it translated into the vernacular. It must be cited, however, that Justino Romea would have wanted to translate his original composition had the Board informed him. This intent of his can be read in "Bohol Without Tears" a three-volume book written and published by Simplicio M. Apalisok. Meanwhile, the competition was launched and the entry of Maxelende Ganade emerged as the best and was adjudged the winner. With some modifications by the Board of Judges in consultation with authorities in music Mrs. Enriquita Borja-Butalid and Mrs. Maria Fe Rocha-Lumayag, then Division Supervisor and music consultant, the Boholano version was adopted by the Provincial Board in Resolution No. 151 dated September 13, 1974.

While the lyrics and music of the Bohol Hymn (English version) is credited to Romea, the Awit sa Bohol (Boholano version) is largely attributed to Ganade.[3]

Ganade also composed the Carmen hymn and other hymns in school and special affairs. Her arrangement of Pobreng Alindahaw is included in the Loboc Children's Choir...And A Child's Heart Sings album.[4]

Ganade is teaching piano lessons at the Holy Spirit School in Tagbilaran City, a job she has been doing for many years now.

She can play the province's old pipe organs and marimba during cultural affairs.

Awit sa Bohol[edit]

(Lyrics in Boholano)
Yuta kong minahal
Hatag ni Bathala
Sa adlaw'g gabii
Taknang tanan
Dinasig sa
Sa mga bayani yutawhan
Imong kalinaw giampingan
Lungsod sa bungtod nga matunhaw
Ug matam-is nga kinampay

Puti ang kabaybayonan
Walog sa suba binisbisan
Bahandi ang dagat ug kapatagan
Gugma ang tuburan
Sa kagawasan sa tanan
Panalanginan ka
Ihalad ko lawas ug kalag
Sa mutya ko'ng Bohol

Bohol Hymn[edit]

Original music and English lyrics by Justino Romea (Loon, Bohol)

This is the land I love,
The land God gave to me,
Caressed by the sun,
Bathed by the sea,
And kissed by the cool breeze
Night and day.
Here’s where the early heroes lived,
Here’s where they wrought peace and here they bled,
Here rise the marvelous cone-shaped hills,
Here sweet kinampay grows.

Blessed with white sandy beaches,
Rivers that water valleys,
Seas teem with fish and cows graze
on the plains,
In every home love reigns,
God keep my homeland always free,
Let her forever be,
I pledge my strength, my heart and soul,
To my dear home, Bohol



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