Mazinga Phaser

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Mazinga Phaser
Origin Denton, Texas, United States
Genres Chamber pop, space rock
Years active 1993–2000
Labels Idol
Associated acts The Falcon Project, The Pointy Shoe Factory, LID/MkUltra Experiment, Sub Oslo, Sivad, Comet
Past members Jessica Nelson
Cole Wheeler
Eric Hermeyer
Mike Throneberry
Mwanza "Wanz" Dover
Travis Williams

Mazinga Phaser was a psychedelic space rock group from Denton, Texas active during the latter half of the 1990s.


Formed in 1993, the initial line-up was Jessica Nelson (vocals/keyboards), Cole Wheeler (bass), Mwanza "Wanz" Dover (guitar/programming), Eric Hermeyer (guitar), and Travis Williams (drums). Mike Throneberry later replaced Travis Williams on drums.[1][2] The group's debut album, Cruising in the Neon Glories of the New American Night was released in 1996 on Aether Records. The band relocated to Fort Worth, and signed to Idol Records who issued the group's second album, Abandinallhope, in late 1997, followed by the Counting Breaths EP two years later.[2] Dover left to form The Falcon Project, with the rest of the band carrying on for a third album, Dissatisfied Customers of Hallucination, in 2000, after which they split up.[1] The band's "Dream of Lost Rivers" was used in David Gordon Green's 2001 film George Washington.[3]


  • Cruising in the Neon Glories of the New American Night (1996) Aether
  • Abandinallhope (1997) Idol
  • Counting Breaths EP (1999) Idol
  • Dissatisfied Customers of Hallucination (2000) Idol


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