Mazowe River

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Mazowe River in the Luenha River catchment (center)

The Mazowe River (previously called Mazoe River) is a river in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.[1]

The river rises north of Harare, flows north and then northeast, where it forms part of the border with Mozambique and joins the Luenha River, a tributary of the Zambezi River. The Mazowe has a catchment basin of about 39,000 square kilometres (15,058 sq mi).[2] In 1920, the Mazowe Dam was constructed on the river forty kilometres north of Harare to irrigate citrus farms.[3]

The river and its tributaries are a popular site for gold panners and small placer operations,[4] although in the wet season, the Mazowe becomes a raging torrent, often breaking its banks and causing damage to local communities and farms.


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Coordinates: 16°23′17″S 33°47′05″E / 16.38806°S 33.78472°E / -16.38806; 33.78472