Mazowe River

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Mazowe River in the Luenha River catchment (center)

The Mazowe River (previously called Mazoe River) is a river in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.[1]

The river rises north of Harare, flows north and then northeast, where it forms part of the border with Mozambique and join the Luenha River before that entering the Zambezi River. In 1920, the Mazowe Dam was constructed on the river forty kilometres north of Harare to irrigate citrus farms.[2]

The river and its tributaries is a popular site for gold panners, although in the wet season, the Mazowe becomes a raging torrent, often breaking its banks and causing damage to local communities and farms.


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Coordinates: 16°23′17″S 33°47′05″E / 16.38806°S 33.78472°E / -16.38806; 33.78472