Bubye River

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Bubye River (Bubi)
Bubye River.jpg
The Bubye River from the A1, Zimbabwe
Country Zimbabwe
Physical characteristics
Main source east of West Nicholson, Zimbabwe
235 m (771 ft)
River mouth Limpopo River
  • Average rate:
    6.51 mm/a (0.256 in/year) (unit flow)[1]
Basin features
Basin size 8,140 km2 (3,140 sq mi)
Bubye is located in Zimbabwe
Location of the Bubye River's mouth

The Bubye River, also known as Bubi River, is a tributary of the Limpopo River in Beitbridge District and Gwanda District, Zimbabwe. It rises about 40 kilometres (25 mi) to the northeast of West Nicholson in Matabeleland South, from where it flows southeast before joining the Limpopo about 25 kilometres (16 mi) west of the border with Mozambique. Its course forms part of the border between Mberengwa and Mwenezi districts.[2]

Tigerfish occur naturally in this river.[3]


Formerly there were no major dams on the river.[4] The Bubi-Lupane Dam was built in 2010 in order to supply water to Lupane District.[5]


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