Me (Sandie Shaw album)

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Me (Sandie Shaw album) cover.jpg
Studio album by Sandie Shaw
Released November 1965
Genre Pop
Label Pye
Producer Chris Andrews
Sandie Shaw chronology
The Golden Hits of Sandie Shaw

Me is the second album by 1960s British girl singer Sandie Shaw. It was released by Pye Records in November 1965, just eight months after her debut, but unfortunately did not follow its success - though her singles were still selling well. Since the release of the Sandie album, Shaw had gained another three UK Top 10 hits - "I'll Stop at Nothing," the Number One "Long Live Love" and "Message Understood," all of which had been written by Chris Andrews. As with the previous album, Me contained a mixture of Chris Andrews-penned material and cover versions of songs by other artists, as well as a track written by Shaw herself. However the balance of original and remade material was different this time - half of the twelve tracks were written by Andrews, as opposed to the third on the Sandie album, one track by Shaw, and five songs by other artists. Me was later re-issued as a package with Sandie on CD in the 1990s on the RPM label, and then again in digitally remastered format by EMI in 2005 with bonus French versions of "Down Dismal Ways" and "Too Bad You Don't Want Me."

Track listing[edit]

Side 1

  1. You Don't Love Me No More
  2. I Don't Need That Kind of Lovin'
  3. Down Dismal Ways
  4. Oh No He Don't
  5. When I Was a Child
  6. Do You Mind

Side 2

  1. (You Don't Know) How Glad I Am
  2. I Know
  3. Till The Night Begins To Die
  4. Too Bad You Don't Want Me
  5. One Day
  6. When I Fall in Love

Song information[edit]

Me kicks off with "You Don't Love Me No More," a song written by Charles Blackwell and originally a hit for American singer Madeline Bell in 1964, and is followed by three Andrews tracks - "I Don't Need That Kind Of Lovin'," "Down Dismal Ways" and "Oh No He Don't" - the latter on which he makes a guest vocal appearance. Next comes the McIntyre/Huddlestone composition "When I Was A Child," and finally side one ends with Lionel Bart's "Do You Mind" - originally a hit in 1960 for Anthony Newley.

Side two starts with a cover of Nancy Wilson's 1964 hit "(You Don't Know) How Glad I Am" by Jimmy Williams and Larry Harrison. The song would later be a hit for Kiki Dee in the 1970s. More original material follows with "I Know" by Chris Andrews and then Shaw's own composition "Till The Night Begins To Die" and two more Andrews songs - "Too Bad You Don't Want Me" and "One Day." The album finishes with a cover of an older song - Edward Heyman and Victor Young's "When I Fall in Love," made popular by Nat 'King' Cole.

Me is a step forward from the Sandie album in that it embraces more challenging material, and also shows an advance in Shaw's original material. Though not as commercially successful as its predecessor, Me is still an important album in Shaw's career and was released during the height of her international stardom.