Me Siento Tan Sola

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Me siento tan sola
Studio album by Gloria Trevi
Released August 21, 1992
Recorded 1992
Genre Pop rock, alternative rock, heavy metal, space rock, progressive rock, hardcore metal
Label BMG Ariola
Producer Sergio Andrade
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Me Siento Tan Sola
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Me siento tan sola (Spanish, "I feel so lonely") was the third album from Mexican singer Gloria Trevi, originally released in 1992 by BMG Ariola. A limited release a month after, "I feel so alone" in the convention of her record company (BMG Ariola) was awarded a Double Gold Record for high sales of her album. Trevi promoted this material in countries such as Argentina, Chile, the United States, Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico and Central America and in 1992 first traveled to Spain where she also managed to hit the difficult Spanish audience with her uncommon spectacle.

In 1993, the singer was chosen by the Chilean press as Queen of the Song Festival of Viña del Mar where she appeared before 20,000 spectators. Also, Gloria was presented with great success at the Paramount Theatre at Madison Square Garden in New York. She also had many successful concerts in Washington, California, El Paso, Dallas and many places of the American Union that she became the pop rock Mexican musician that has given more concerts in the United States. That year was one of the longest concert tours in her career, performing in various venues such as Universal Studios Amphitheatre in Atlanta,Georgia; San Antonio,Texas; Sacramento, California; Chicago, Illinois and for the first time in the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the month of September, Gloria Trevi was confirmed as the most important Mexican rock pop singer of the moment, and proclaimed as the Mexican Madonna by the New York Newspaper and The Wall Street Journal. "Me Siento Tan Sola" sold 5.5 million copies worldwide[citation needed] and topped many Latin-American charts. It was produced by Sergio Andrade, her manager and most of the songs were written by Gloria.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length
1. "Zapatos Viejos" 3:20
2. "Con Los Ojos Cerrados" 3:35
3. "Acostada A Media Calle" 2:20
4. "Me Siento Tan Sola" 4:06
5. "Fue Ese Tequila" 2:59
6. "Los Borregos" 3:47
7. "La Acera De Enfrente" 3:04
8. "Contononeia (Se Me Mueve La Cadera)" 2:32
9. "Muévete" 2:48
10. "Sobredosis" 3:17
11. "Carcajada" 2:51
12. "Hoy No Voy A Gritar" 3:47


  1. Zapatos Viejos
  2. Con Los Ojos Cerrados
  3. Me Siento Tan Sola
  4. Los Borregos
  5. La Acera De Enfrente
  • All of these singles managed to reach the top ten of the Mexican charts and some even topped the charts.