Me and Kaminski

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Me and Kaminski
Author Daniel Kehlmann
Original title Ich und Kaminski
Translator Carol Brown Janeway
Country Austria
Language German
Publisher Suhrkamp Verlag
Publication date
Published in English
Pages 173
ISBN 978-0-307-37744-9

Me and Kaminski (German: Ich und Kaminski) is a 2003 novel by the Austrian-German writer Daniel Kehlmann. It tells the story of a "klutzy journalist"[1] who goes on a journey with an elderly painter he is writing a biography about.[2]


Jake Kerridge wrote in The Daily Telegraph: "It is over a century since George Gissing described the whole business of biography as 'a farce'. That is the view Kehlmann takes, not only in the sense that the biography industry is trivial and contemptible, but also that it is so absurd as to be a source of entertainment. Hence this sparkling and consistently amusing comedy, by turns broad and sophisticated."[3]


The novel was adapted to stage by Anna Maria Krassnigg as Ich und Kaminski premiering on June 25, 2008.[4][5] A film adaptation of the same title, directed by Wolfgang Becker and starring Daniel Brühl as the biographer and Jesper Christensen as Kaminski, premiered on September 17, 2015 in Germany.[6]

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