Meadowbrook, Syracuse

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Alternative name: Meadow's Brook
Syracuse Meadowbrook Location.gif

Location in Syracuse

Annexed 1917, 1926, 1927
Population (2000) 6,343
Median age 37.6
Median household income $57,241
Owner-occupied housing 80.7%
ZIP codes 13210, 13224

Meadowbrook is a Syracuse, New York neighborhood, located in the southeastern corner of the city. It corresponds to Onondaga County Census Tract 46.


Its northern border runs along Salt Springs and Springfield Roads to the north, where it borders the Salt Springs neighborhood. To the west, its borders are Westmoreland Avenue, Cumberland Avenue, and Nottingham Road, where it borders the Westcott and University neighborhoods. To the south and east the neighborhood borders the Town of DeWitt.


Meadowbrook is bisected by New York State Route 92, East Genesee Street. Other major roads in the neighborhood include Meadowbrook Drive, Euclid Avenue, and Hillsboro Parkway. Most streets do not have sidewalks, although there are plans to install some.[citation needed]


Le Moyne College, Syracuse's second-largest college, is located in Meadowbrook's northeast corner. Nottingham High School is located on East Genesee Street, near the center of the neighborhood. There are two primary schools: H.W. Smith School, and Solace Elementary School. Manlius Pebble Hill, a private primary and secondary school is located near the neighborhood, in DeWitt.


There is not much retail located in Meadowbrook. Nottingham Plaza (with about 10 small stores, including Ace Hardware and Bruegger's Bagels) and P&C Plaza are in its southwest corner. Just east of Meadowbrook, in DeWitt, exists Shoppingtown Mall, one of the three largest malls in the region. Just off Meadowbrook is the Syracuse Real Food Co-op, Syracuse's only cooperatively owned grocery store.


Meadowbrook is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Syracuse, with suburban-style housing, as a result of which it is sometimes referred to as "the suburb in the city."[citation needed] 80.7 percent of housing in the neighborhood is owner-occupied, about twice the citywide average. As of the 2000 Census, 6,343 people lived in Meadowbrook. 80.6% were White, 13.8% Black, 5.6% other. 54.7% were female, 45.3% male. The median age was 37.6, and the median household income was $57,241. Registered voters are 54% Democrat, 19% Republican, 21% non-enrolled, and 5% percent other.[citation needed]

The Ashton House, Harry N. Burhans House, Fuller House, Hoeffer House, Poehlman House, Sanderson House at 112 Scottholm Terrace, Sanderson House at 301 Scottholm Boulevard, Scottholm Tract Historic District, and Louis and Celia Skoler Residence are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[1]


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