Mean Business on North Ganson Street

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Mean Business on North Ganson Street is a crime thriller novel written by S. Craig Zahler, author of Wraiths of the Broken Land (2013) and A Congregation of Jackals (2011), which was nominated for the Spur and Peacemaker awards. Mean Business on North Ganson Street was published on September 30 of 2014 by Thomas Dunne Books and received a starred review for excellence by Booklist and praise from Kirkus Review.[1] The story: A mouthy detective named Jules Bettinger relocates to Victory, Missouri, a collapsed rustbelt city, where he and his new partner investigate a double homicide in which two policemen were killed—an event that might be the beginning of a series of executions.[2]

Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to the novel to make it into a feature film, as a re-teaming of Django Unchained with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx. DiCaprio will also produce the film.[3]