Medal of Faithful Service

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Medal of Faithful Service
Medalia națională "Serviciul Credincios"
Faithful-Service-Medal-IIIrdClass-civils-obverse 1.jpg
Third Class Medal of Faithful Service, civil division (modern version)
TypeMultiple classes civil and military national medal (listed from lowest to highest):
Third Class
Second Class
First Class
Awarded for(1) Exceptional civil and military services to the Romanian State and the Romanian people; (2) For special acts in time of peace or for heroic acts in time of war; (3) For contributing to the development of the friendship relations with Romania, or for other exceptional services to the Romanian State and the Romanian People
Country Romania
Presented byThe King of Romania
(1878 - 1947)
The President of Romania
(since 2000)
Eligibility(1) Civil, military; (2) military units; (3) foreign citizens
StatusCurrently awarded
reestablished 2000
ROU Medal of Faithful Service.png
Ribbon bar of the medal
Next (higher)Cross of Faithful Service
Next (lower)National Medal for Merit
RelatedOrder of Faithful Service
All three classes, model 1932.

The Medal of Faithful Service (Romanian: Medalia națională "Serviciul Credincios") was instituted by King Carol I in April 1878. In early 1948, together with the Order, Cross and all the traditional Romanian orders was disbanded by the communist authorities.

In 2000 it was re-instituted together with the Order and Cross, as a three class medal. It is the second most important award for people without higher education, the equivalent of the Order of Faithful Service.


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