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Meeow! / Meusaidh
Meeow! Titles with Maisie Mac
Genre Children's Television
Written by Roland Moore, Les Brooksbank
Directed by Les Orton
Narrated by Stanley Baxter (English)
Tony Kearney (Gaelic)
Composer(s) The Singing Kettle
Country of origin Scotland
Original language(s) English / Gaelic
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26
Producer(s) Robin Lyons
Running time 10 min
Production company(s) Siriol Animation
The Sleepy Kids Company Ltd
STV Productions
(Scottish Television)
Original network ITV Network (CITV)
Picture format 4:3
Original release 5 January 2000 – 2002
Related shows Maisie MacKenzie
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Meeow! (Gaelic version: Meusaidh) is an animated children's series based on the Maisie MacKenzie books by Aileen Paterson. The series is about a young cat named Maisie Mac who lives with her grandmother in Morningside in Edinburgh as her explorer father is always away. Scottish Television in association with The Gaelic Committee, decided to make the book into a cartoon series, with Siriol Animation doing the animation.[1] The stories were narrated by Scottish comedian Stanley Baxter (English version) and by actor Tony Kearney (Gaelic), and the theme music (both versions) was produced by The Singing Kettle. Its first run was featured on ITV children's block, CITV.

The programme was re-aired in 2009 on wknd@stv - a children's television strand on Scottish television channel, STV. The Gaelic version is still airs on BBC Alba. From March 2015, the series airs as part of the "Weans' World" block on STV Glasgow and STV Edinburgh.

The rights of the show was owned by The Sleepy Kids Company Ltd (who also produced Potsworth & Co. and Budgie the Little Helicopter) which was later changed to SKD Media and Entertainment Rights, then dissolved into Classic Media (now DreamWorks Classics) and later became the property of Universal Television in 2016.


  • Maisie "Maisie Mac" MacKenzie - A young Scottish cat who wishes to be an explorer like her father.
  • Granny/Isabella MacKenzie - Maisie's grandmother. She looks after Maisie whilst Daddy is away.
  • Mrs. Marjorie McKitty - Maisie and Granny's neighbour.
  • Archie - Maisie's best friend.
  • Lydia McSporran - Mrs McKitty's niece.
  • Daddy - Maisie's father who travels the world as part of his job at Edinburgh University as a professor.
  • Maureen and Doreen Purrdy - Maisie's twin friends from her ballet class.
  • Tommy and Morag McTwirl - two snooty senior dancers from Maisie's ballet class.


No. Title Original airdate
1 "What Masie Mac Did Next" TBA
2 "Maisie Mac Loves Paris" TBA
Maisie has a rough day in Paris, but a mouse named Alphonse helps her out.
3 "Masie Mac Goes to Hospital." TBA
4 "Masie Mac and the Pirate Treasure." TBA
5 "Masie Mac Saves the Day" TBA
6 "Maisie Mac in the Rainforest" TBA
7 "Maisie Mac Goes to School" TBA
8 "Maisie Mac Goes to Hollywood" TBA
9 "Maisie Mac and the Loch Ness Monster" TBA
Maisie goes on holiday to the Scottish Highlands, hoping to see the Lochness Monster, while troubled by a trio of troublesome cats.
10 "Maisie Mac and the Gorilla" TBA
Maisie and her friends chase after what they think is a live gorilla on the loose.
11 "Maisie Mac" TBA
12 "Maisie Mac in Egypt" TBA
Maisie stumbles on a secret entrance to an ancient pyramid and her Daddy excavates it.
13 "Maisie Mac and the Puffer" TBA
14 "Merry Christmas Maisie Mac" TBA
Daddy is trapped in China and is not able to join Maisie for Christmas, until a miracle is granted.
15 "Maisie Mac in Moscow" TBA
Maisie and The Purrdy Twins go to Moscow to dance a ballet with snooty Tommy & Morag McTwirl and supervised by the strict Sergei Jumpov.
16 "Maisie Mac's Mountain Rescue" TBA
17 "Maisie Mac Lost in Glasgow" TBA
18 "Cat Burglar" TBA
19 "Holiday Surprises" TBA
20 "Maisie Mac in Japan" TBA
Maisie and her granny visit Noreko Hatsumi in Japan and help Noreko's sumo wrestling brother Kobana to prepare for his match.
21 "Maisie Mac in the Big Apple" TBA
22 "Maisie Mac in Australia" TBA
Maisie and her father have an adventurous journey crossing the Australian Bush guided by Skipper kangaroo.
23 "Maisie Mac at the Highland Games" TBA
24 "Maisie Mac Joins the Brownies" TBA
25 "Maisie Mac and the Owl Hoot" TBA
26 "Maisie Mac Hits the Right Note" TBA


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