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This article is about the rock band from Denver. For the former Attorney General, see Edwin Meese. For the animal, see Moose.
Origin Denver, Colorado, United States
Genres Piano rock
Alternative rock
Indie rock
Years active 2004–2010[1]
Labels Atlantic Records (2007–2010)
Associated acts For the Holiday
The Patrick Meese Band
Past members
  • Patrick Meese
  • Nathan Meese
  • Mike Ayars
  • David Vanderhamm
  • Ben Comerci
  • Ben Haley

Meese was a four-piece rock band from Denver, Colorado, signed to Atlantic Records.[2] The name "Meese" is taken from the last name of the band's founders and brothers, Patrick and Nathan Meese. The other two members of the band are Ben Haley and Mike Ayars.

Meese shared the stage and toured with bands such as Our Lady Peace, The Fray, Straylight Run, Paramore, Phantom Planet, Dropping Daylight, Switchfoot, and many others. They have also played venues such as Paramount Theatre, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, the Gothic Theatre and the Fox Theater.

In July 2009, the band released their first major studio album, Broadcast, which was received with warm reviews. The album's first single, "Next In Line", was offered as a free single of the week on iTunes. In May 2010, Meese confirmed that they had disbanded.[1]


The band began under the name "Patrick Meese" also releasing two EPs entitled "Patrick Meese" and "B-Sides" featuring Patrick Meese in a mostly acoustic style performance in which he played and recorded almost all the instruments himself. Reportedly after sending his brother a copy of the song "I Don't Buy It" Nathan Meese dropped out of school at Ohio University and moved out to Denver to join Patrick's band. Following this the band shortened their name to simply "Meese." During these first few months and shows Meese was joined by various friends who played alongside him. While originally Patrick stated that the band only consisted of him and his brother and that friends occasionally played with them, the band now has a solid four members which has been made apparent through their live shows over the past two years and recent signing with Atlantic.

Meese began playing several small venues around the Denver area in 2005 playing the Walnut Room and Bluebird theater with friends "for the holiday." After the band "for the holiday" went their separate ways Meese found a place for the assimilation of two of the members, Mike Ayars (guitar) and Ben Haley (Drums). Now having added this key element the band found themselves with a stronger lineup and stage presence.

Meese found great support in the local scene with help from friends The Fray opening for them at their CD release party at the Paramount Theatre (Denver, Colorado). Meese continued to play around denver with popular local bands which would lead to their independent release "Our Album Year".[3] 2006 was a good year for Meese gaining a stronger local following and opening more opportunities to again play with The Fray at a sold out show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre[4] on October 19, 2006. These key shows coupled with support by local radio station KTCL 93.3 [1] gave Meese the attention and recognition they had been working so hard to gain.

They continued to play around the Denver area until joining The Fray on part of their summer 2007 tour.[5] On October 21, 2007 Meese announced on KTCL 93.3 that they had signed with Atlantic Records.[6]

Meese entered the studio to begin recording in 2008 and has finished their newest recording and first major label release "Broadcast", released on June 30, 2009. Since the recording Meese has played several shows previewing the album from start to finish, the first being in their home town of Denver, Colorado.

Meese will spend the summer touring in support of their new CD including a summer tour with The Fray and Jack's Mannequin. The first single released was "Next In Line". During the week of July 7, 2009, "Next in Line" was offered free, as the Single of the Week in the iTunes music store.

Broadcast has received some noticeable attention, especially from author Stephanie Meyer (of the popular "Twilight" series), who cited it as one of her favorite releases. (She was quoted as saying "Meese was responsible for one of my favorite songs.") Atlantic records, which also releases the "Twilight" soundtracks, has made no indication that Meese will end up on a "Twilight" soundtrack. [2] Meese announced they had disbanded in May 2010.[1]

After Meese's breakup, Nathan and Patrick Meese began a new band known as "The Centennial", with currently one EP "Second Spring" which was announced free at the purchase of a ticket, or for visiting their website "".


  • The Oh No EP - 2005
  • Our Album Year - 2006
  • Winter Recordings EP - 2007 (iTunes release)
  • The Start of It EP - 2008 (only available in denver area in CD form, digitally available everywhere)
  • Broadcast - 2009

Band members[edit]

  • Patrick Meese (lead vocals, keyboards, guitar and programming), 2004–2010[1]
  • Nathan Meese (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), 2005–2010[1]
  • Mike Ayars (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), 2006–2010[1]
  • Joe Richmond (drums), 2009–2010
  • Jeff Davenport (bass), 2007–2010
  • Ben Haley (drums), 2006–2009
  • David Vanderhamm (bass), 2004–2007
  • Ben Comerci (drums), 2004–2006


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