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Meeting of Important People is an American indie pop/rock band based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The trio consists of guitarist/vocalist Josh Verbanets, bassist Aaron Bubenheim, and drummer Matt Miller. The group was formed in 2008 with these members of three prominent Western Pennsylvania united: Vebenets formerly fronted The You, whose 2006 debut album For the Masses attracted major-label consideration, but was released on by a lesser-known company; Miller previously worked with Lohio, which frequently tours through the Mid-Atlantic; Bubenheim once was a part of local group Br'er Fox.

In 2009, the group released its first, self-titled album on Authentik Music. The group cites The Kinks and The Who as some of their primary influences. Influential British radio station XFM has recently put the band into rotation, which has allowed the band to quickly gain an international image, while still serving mostly as an opening act for more known groups at home.

Brittney Lane Don't Care

In September of that year they shot a music video for the single "Brittney Lane Don't Care" with director Thom Glunt. The video featured a cardboard city, instruments and miniatures built by volunteers using recycled goods. The video was featured on Gizmodo for its extensive dedication to paper craft and brief popularity.


Meeting of Important People (2009)

  1. Brittney Lane Don't Care (2:30)
  2. Hanky Church (2:17)
  3. List Show (4:08)
  4. One O'Clock (2:29)
  5. Dead Man (2:48)
  6. I Know Every Street (2:01)
  7. Mothers Pay More (3:24)
  8. Pretzel Rod Blues (Riff Song (2:59)
  9. Down in the Hollow (2:07)
  10. Nothing's Going On (3:12)
iTunes Bonus Tracks
  1. Brittney Lane Don't Care (Laptop Demo) (2:30)
  2. Rest-Stop (Demo) (3:08)
  3. Stop Seeming Like a Good Idea (Demo) (2:51)
  4. One O'Clock [Demo] (2:34)


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