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Meg and Mog

Meg and Mog is a series of children’s books written by Helen Nicoll and illustrated by Jan Pieńkowski. First published in the 1970s, the books are about Meg, a witch whose spells always seem to go wrong, her striped cat Mog, and their friend Owl.[1]

It was also made into an animated comedy series based on the books. 52 five minute episodes were produced by Absolutely Productions and first broadcast on CITV in the UK in 2003, Tiny Pop. It was produced by Carl Gorham and the series was directed by Roger Mainwood, and featured the voice talents of Alan Bennett as Owl, Fay Ripley as Meg, Phil Cornwell as Mog.

A successful stage play also ran in London in the 1980s starring Maureen Lipman as Meg.[2]


Book series[edit]

  • Meg & Mog
  • Mog's Missing
  • Meg's Mummy
  • Meg Up the Creek
  • Meg, Mog & Og
  • Meg at Sea
  • Meg on the Moon
  • Meg's Car
  • Meg's Castle
  • Meg's Eggs
  • Mog at the Zoo
  • Mog in the Fog
  • Owl at School
  • Meg's Veg
  • Mog's Mumps
  • Meg Comes to School
  • Meg Goes to Bed
  • Meg And The Pirate
  • Meg & Mog Board Book
  • Meg's Cauldron
  • Meg's Fancy Dress
  • Meg's Treasure
  • Mog in Charge

Television series[edit]

Meg's Cauldron and other stories DVD:

  • Meg's Cauldron
  • Meg at the Funfair
  • Meg's Car
  • Meg's Treasure
  • Meg's Race
  • Meg's Music
  • Meg up the Creek
  • Meg and the Sheep
  • Mog's Mumps
  • Megs Museums
  • Owl at School
  • Meg's Christmas
  • Meg and the Snow[3]

Meg, Mog and Owl and other stories DVD

  • Meg, Mog and Owl
  • Owl's Voice
  • Meg on the Moon
  • Meg's Tent
  • Meg's Cake
  • Meg At Sea
  • Meg At The Circus
  • Meg and The Baby
  • Meg's Veg
  • Mog's Hiccups
  • Mog In The Fog
  • Meg's Picnic
  • Meg's Eggs [4]


  • Mog's Mistake
  • Meg and The Dinosaurs
  • Meg's Fancy Dress
  • Owl's Birthday
  • Mog at the Zoo
  • Meg and the Viking
  • Meg and the Cowboy

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