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Melmalayanur is located in Tamil Nadu
Location in Tamil Nadu, India
Coordinates: 12°24′N 79°24′E / 12.40°N 79.40°E / 12.40; 79.40Coordinates: 12°24′N 79°24′E / 12.40°N 79.40°E / 12.40; 79.40
Country India
StateTamil Nadu
 • Total15,500
 • OfficialTamil
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Vehicle registrationTN 32

Melmalayanur is located near Gingee, Tamil Nadu, India, 21 km from chetput (Tiruvannamalai District) and 21 km away from Gingee (Villupuram District) It is famous for the Goddess Angalaamman. Across from Southern India devotee use to visit.

Lakhs of devotees visit here every newmoon and fullmoon days since it is supposed to be auspicious during these days. Melmalayanur is assembly constituency which will send representative to the members to the state assembly.


Avalurpet is 10km away from Melmalayanur and 22 km away from Thiruvannamalai. Gingee is 21 km away from Melmalayanur and 35 km away from Villupuram. since devotees come to Avalurpet and also gingee then go to Melmalayanur because Avalupet and gingee connects NH and STATE HIGHWAY.


A spectrum of Hindu temple styles continued to develop from the 5th to the 9th century The early Chola period saw a greater emphasis on securing their geopolitical boundaries and less emphasis on architecture. In the 10th century, within the Chola empire emerged features such as the multifaceted columns with projecting square capitals. This, states George Michell, signaled the start of the new Chola style.[2][note 1] This South Indian style is most fully realized both in scale and detail in the Sri Angalaparameshwari Amman Temple by the chola king Malayarasan


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