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Country  India
State Tamil Nadu
District Kanyakumari
 • Official Tamil
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Nearest city Nagercoil

Melpuram is a historical place in Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu, India.

Rubber plantation plays an important role in this village's economy.

Melpuram is quasi town which is sandwiched by Pacode town panchayat and edaicode panchayat also the melpuram union block name derived from this beautiful small town which incorporate 10 village panchayats and 6 town panchayats. Christians and Hindus are the inhabitants of the Melpuram which is proudly saying that there is no communal violences having been seen and the people of melpuram shares their harmony in all the efforts to make a better society.


Melpuram had been also a part of the Travancore kingdom till India got freedom from the British. After India emarging as country, the small town was an enclave of the state of Kerala. The efforts being taken by the kanyakumeri district leaders such as marshel nesamony, ponnapan nadar and chithamparanathan nadar etc. who fought against to the state of kerala in order to join with Tamil Nadu had made ease melpuram to be the part of Tamil Nadu.


Churches and temples are the landmarks of melpuram. With age old temples and churches, its a place for communal harmony.The Oldest Church near melpuram is Immanuel Lutheran Church Melpuram(Near Aluvilai) established by American Missionaries on the lights of Rev. Sheltor and Rev. Koepke in 1947 August 15. The Assemblies of God church(AG) which is more than 5 decades year old church and the Alapancode temple at the outskirts of melpuram hoists the unity of Hindus of melpuram. And, 3 Roman Catholic churches and 3 CSI churches defend from all the sides of melpuram. The statue of Indira gandhi is a proud icon at the core of melpuram junction which is always landmarked for the strangers to melpuram.


The rubber industry is a main income source of the people of melpuram. The extinct of the paddy fields and banana planting is a chaos for future generation.The agriculture of tapiaco(Marichini kilangu) and Palm Tree are also diminishing sectors in the areas of melpuram which was once considered as part of livelihood. The income from the Coconut trees are not relied on since the booming of rubber has been welcomed. It is a flurshing business centre for the villages surrounding it.