Memorial Day (novel)

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Memorial Day
Vince Flynn - Memorial Day (2004) book coverart.jpg
AuthorVince Flynn
CountryUnited States
GenrePolitical Thriller
Publication date
May 2004
Media typePrint (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages416 pp (hardcover) 608 pp (paperback)
Preceded byExecutive Power 
Followed byConsent to Kill 

Memorial Day is Vince Flynn's sixth novel, and the fifth to feature Mitch Rapp, an American CIA agent that works for the counterterrorism unit "Orion Team".

Plot summary[edit]

Intelligence gathering has indicated unusual activity in financial markets, and Rapp, back in the field after a long stint on desk duty for insubordination, unearths a bomb plot during a daring commando raid on an al-Qaeda stronghold in Afghanistan. A decision is made for the president and his cabinet to leave Washington D.C. in early morning hours based on the bomb threat. However a U.S. strike force manages to intercept and disarm the nuke moments after it arrives by freighter in Charleston, S.C. Everyone, including series stalwart President Robert Hayes, congratulates themselves on a job well done, but Rapp isn't convinced; he believes al-Qaeda leader Mustafa al-Yamani has smuggled a second nuke into the country and plans to detonate it in Washington, D.C., during Memorial Day celebrations. Rapp, a ruthless terrorist pursuer by temperament and training, turns it up several notches this time around, following al-Yamani's scent with feverish abandon. When a missing Pakistani nuclear scientist is found to have passed through LAX on his way to Atlanta, and a truck driver turns up dead due to radiation sickness, the chase is on again. Ultimately the terrorists approach Washington D.C. by water, are spotted from the air, and killed by Rapp. The second bomb, however, has been activated and is in its countdown, unable to be deactivated. After an assessment of options, Rapp transports the bomb to a secure underground facility where it explodes with minimal human or environmental affect.

Flynn trots out his usual assortment of characters to keep the action tense—wishy-washy cabinet members, political climbers, invective-spewing terrorists and a selected assortment of ice queens who use sex as a weapon. Yet his skillful use of converging plots, particularly the panic created by having a nuke on the loose, is enough to keep Flynn's growing fan base more than willing to overlook the formulaic components.[1]

WorldCat shows that the book is in over 1800 US and Canadian libraries.[2]


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