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Radio ISHQ is a romantic music [1] FM Radio Channel in India that broadcasts in the major cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Indore & Kolkata. It was initially launched as Meow FM, which was a talk-based channel and served Delhi, Indore (Madhya Pradesh), Mumbai and Kolkata.[2] It is an India Today Group venture and its format was directed at a female audience. The channel got noticed for its catchy advertisement on BEST buses. It had also introduced "Meri Meow", a social network for its fans.[3] In September 2010 the channel had changed its name to OYE-FM and programming to a Filmi format. In December 2016 it again changed its name to the current avatar of Radio ISHQ.

Channel Description[edit]

Ishq FM is India's first Romantic Radio Station airing over the FM frequency of 104.8 MHz. It airs era-agnostic Bollywood blockbusters from the romantic genre 24x7. The station’s catchy jingle "DO THE ISHQ, Baby” has been composed by Sachin-Jigar.

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