Mercury Commuter

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Mercury Commuter
MERCURY COMMUTER dutch licence registration AM-75-80 pic1.JPG
1957 Mercury Commuter 4-door (with four headlight "Quadri Beam" option)
ManufacturerMercury (Ford)
Body and chassis
Body style2-door station wagon
4-door station wagon
LayoutFR layout
RelatedMercury Turnpike Cruiser
Ford Del Rio
Engine312 cu in (5.1 L) V8
368 cu in (6.0 L) Lincoln Y-Block V8
390 cu in (6.4 L) V8
428 cu in (7.0 L) V8

The Mercury Commuter is a full-size station wagon that was produced by Mercury from 1957 to 1968. When introduced for the 1957 model year it was priced below Mercury's other two new full size wagons, the Voyager and the Colony Park. In 1957 the same 368 cu in (6.0 L) Lincoln Y-Block V8 that was standard equipment on the Mercury Turnpike Cruiser was optional equipment on the Commuter.

It was initially available as a two-door wagon and as a four-door wagon with the former discontinued after the 1959 model year. The Commuter was temporarily absent in 1963, in concession to the new Meteor station wagons, but was reinstated for 1964, when the Meteor was discontinued. The Commuter was phased out for good, like the full-size Mercury Montclair and Park Lane, after the 1968 model year.

Commuters in miniature[edit]

A 1:72 scale model [1] of a 1968 Mercury Commuter was added to the Matchbox Series range in 1968 as No. 73.[2] A larger 1:50 scale model of a 1968 Commuter was introduced into the Matchbox King Size range in the following year as No. K-23.[3]


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