Mercy Now

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Mercy Now
Mercy Now Album.jpg
Studio album by Mary Gauthier
Released February 15, 2005
Genre Country, folk
Length 50:15
Label Lost Highway
Producer Gurf Morlix

Mercy Now is the fourth studio album by Mary Gauthier.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Falling Out of Love"   5:57
2. "Mercy Now"   5:51
3. "Wheel Inside the Wheel"   6:33
4. "I Drink"   4:31
5. "Just Say She's a Rhymer"   4:17
6. "Prayer Without Words"   6:09
7. "Your Sister Cried"   5:00
8. "Empty Spaces"   3:43
9. "Drop in a Bucket"   4:11
10. "It Ain't the Wind, It's the Rain"   4:03
Total length:

Critical reception[edit]

Thom Jurek at AllMusic praises "her literate American gothic songs about wasted lives, desolate characters who roam the highways like ghosts, shattered dreams, and frustrated expectations." [1]

Jon Lusk's BBC review liked " her searing honesty, gift for gritty stories and willingness to acknowledge the darker side of life, without fear." [2]


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