Metadata Working Group

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Metadata Working Group
Formation2006; 17 years ago (2006)
TypeStandards Organization
PurposePreservation and seamless interoperability of digital image metadata
Interoperability and availability to all applications, devices, and services
Region served
Parent organization
Internet Society

The Metadata Working Group was formed in 2006 by Adobe Systems, Apple, Canon, Microsoft and Nokia. Sony joined later in 2008.

The focus of the group is to advance the interoperability of metadata stored in digital media. Its specification, Guidelines for Handling Image Metadata, defined the interoperability among Exif, IIM (old IPTC), and XMP with consumer digital images. The following properties were selected for interoperability:

  • keywords
  • description
  • date and time
  • orientation
  • rating
  • copyright
  • creator
  • location created
  • location shown

Test files for verification were added in 2008 and are available for download.

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