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Class 12E MetroBlitz.jpg
The MetroBlitz at Johannesburg station in September 1984

MetroBlitz was an experimental high speed commuter train service between Pretoria station and Johannesburg Park Station via Germiston, operated by the South African Transport Services (SATS). It started service on 16 January 1984.[1]


In July 1979 a non-stop commuter service known as the Jacaranda Express (Afrikaans: Jakarandasnel) was introduced between Pretoria station and Johannesburg Park station. The Jacaranda Express initially had a journey time of 65 minutes for the 69.4 km route. After being in service for 9 months the train was lengthened to 8 coaches from the original 6. The journey time was also decreased to 58 minutes.


In 1983 tests were undertaken to introduce a higher speed service, culminating in the launch of the MetroBlitz, which took place on 11 January 1984. It ran daily from 16 January 1984, boasting a morning journey time of 42 minutes from Pretoria to Johannesburg and an afternoon return journey time of 44 minutes.[2]

The MetroBlitz train reached speeds of up to 160 km/h en route.[3]


Poor cost recovery and disruption to other slower train services are cited as the reasons for the demise of the MetroBlitz.[4][5]

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