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Metro West Ambulance
Headquarters 45°32′42″N 122°55′36″W / 45.544877°N 122.926776°W / 45.544877; -122.926776Coordinates: 45°32′42″N 122°55′36″W / 45.544877°N 122.926776°W / 45.544877; -122.926776, Hillsboro, Oregon, United States
Area served
Washington County, Oregon
Oregon Coast
Services Medical transport

Metro West Ambulance is a privately owned company based in the U.S. state of Oregon with ambulances throughout Washington County and along the Oregon Coast (under the names Pacific West Ambulance, Bay Cities Ambulance, and Medix Ambulance). Metro West also manages the Vernonia Volunteer Ambulance Association.[1] In addition to daily emergency ambulance services, Metro West also serves customers through a comprehensive wheelchair van service, special event medical support for Portland's Moda Center, the Oregon State Fair, and many other events throughout the year. Metro West also offers community medical and preparedness training with Education for Life through the American Heart Association.


Metro West Ambulance is accredited through the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services.[2]


  • Oregon DHS Commitment to Quality medal, Special Events Division, 2002 [1]
  • Oregon DHS Commitment to Quality Medal, 2004 [2] [3]
  • Oregon DHS EMS Unit Citation, Medix Ambulance, 2006 [4]

Competitive bidding[edit]

In 1996, Metro West Ambulance competed for the Washington County medical transport contract.[3]

In 1997 Metro West won the Washington County, Oregon contract for 9-1-1 dispatch.[4]

In 2006, Clackamas County, Oregon accepted a no-bid contract from Metro West competitor AMR over objections. Metro West was not present during the final discussions.[5]

In 2007, unionized medics for area ambulance companies approved a strike. Their chief complaint centered around pay and benefits, with their company being compared to Metro West.[6]

In 2008, MetroWest lost a bid for BLS transports in Eugene, Oregon. Later, in 2015, MetroWest won the Eugene/Springfield BLS tranport contract, and began service on February 1st, 2015.


In 2004, Metro West Ambulance successfully defended against a wrongful termination lawsuit by a former employee.[7]

In 2007, Metro West Ambulance was fined by the FCC for transmitting on licensed frequencies with an expired license.[8]

In 2012, Metro West Ambulance (MWA) was charged by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) with violations of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) during a campaign to unionize Metro West employees. On November 9, 2012, Administrative Law Judge Eleanor Laws ruled that MWA had violated the NLRA by committing the following actions; surveillance, threats, interrogation, illegal discipline, demotion and termination of an employee for union activity. MWA was ordered to cease and desist illegal, anti-union activity, and to post notices to its employees notifying them of the ALJ findings. MWA was also ordered to reinstate the terminated employee to his previous position and reimburse him back pay with interest. To date MWA has not complied with the order. Case number 36-CA-010801 [5]

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